Good afternoon. I am quite pleased with a couple of reviews that I received just this week.

The other day, I awakened to find a glowing Five-Star review on Amazon. Check the the entire review, which closes with:

“Rosi’s Castle is a wonderful tale set in a New England background sure to captivate any reader. But being a local to the area I am biased and I love a good New England ghost story. Having often traveled the trails of New Hampshire woods, I could picture the family castle perched high on a woody hill with the White Mountains as a backdrop. I was taken by the author’s ability to inspire me to follow Rosi on her quest and lose myself in her world, which, to me, is the sign of a great story and why I feel is deserves 5 stars. I would recommend this book to any parent to pass on to their teenager.”

A few hours later, I received an email from Readers Favorite informing me that I had been awarded a Five-Star Review on their site.

I found the process of soliciting a review from Readers’ Favorite to be interesting. Some months ago, when Rosi’s Castle first came out, I submitted the manuscript to Readers’ Favorite along with a short plot description (pretty much the description on the back of the book). Just over a week ago, Readers’ Favorite wrote me back saying that no one had picked up the book to review. Because this was my first book, I was welcome to resubmit it. They recommended that I change the blurb, so that potential reviewers would know it was a different listing. I tossed my teaser back at the website. five days later — a five-star review.