Rosi’s Castle

cvr200x300rosiscastleROSI’S CASTLE [©2011]
Rosi’s Doors (Book I)
by Edward Eaton
Young Adult Fantasy (PG)
(200 pgs) 58,000 words
Released in 2011 by DFP

New England Book Festival 2013 Winner for Best Young Adult Novel

Winner of the Reader’s Favorite 2012 Silver Award for Best Young Adult Sci-Fi / Fantasy Novel

Orphaned, Rosi Carol is sent to live with her mysterious Uncle Richard in his eerie castle on the New England coast. Rosi feels even more of an outcast when she discovers the townspeople believe the Carol family has some kind of magical hold over New Richmond. Even her new friends are afraid of her. She soon discovers there may be some truth to the rumors. The castle seems to have a mind of its own with lights turning off and on and doors locking and unlocking with no one in sight. A strange dark cloud has dogged her since the train station. And the ghosts of the Widows from New Richmond’s past blame Rosi for their husbands never returning from the sea. Her only allies are a Girl in Black (gone as suddenly as she appears) and Jesse (a paranormal reporter no one else can see). Can Rosi discover what the Widows want? What about the Girl in Black? Can Jesse help her find the answers or is he another big mystery? And why can’t her watch keep proper time?

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Case Hardback (192 pages) 6×9 B/W | List: $29.99 [EAN 978-1-936381-20-3 | ISBN 1-936381-20-6]

Trade Paperback (200 pgs) 5.5 x 8.5 B/W | List: $14.99 [EAN 978-1-936381-21-0 | ISBN 1-936381-21-4]

eBook (58,000 words) | List: $5.99 [EAN 978-1-936381-22-7 | ISBN 1-936381-22-2]

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“What a delightful fantasy series this is! Combining contemporary insight and input (the author has a marvelous grasp of his adolescent characters-and the adults as well) with historical data that is accurately and vividly rendered, the series engrossed this reviewer (I can’t wait to read Book-III, ROSI’S COMPANY) and found its place on my shelf of re-reads. Rosi (pronounced Ro-see, not the usual Ro-zee) is fifteen and convinced that her dad did not suffer fatality when his plane went missing. However, after six months, the attorney insists on the Reading of the Will, and without explanation she is packed off to New Richmond, New Hampshire, to live with an uncle she doesn’t know, ‘to make things right’ (according to the Will). Well, making things right means more than staying with an unknown uncle in an actual castle, making new friends, and discovering life is almost (quite literally) magical. It also means training as a Guardian, one who oversees the tears in Time. It’s not easy seeing what others don’t (multiple time eras all layered together), but it’s even more difficult traveling through time oneself, unexpectedly and unavoidably. I can’t recommend this series highly enough! Even higher middle-grade students will love ROSI’S CASTLE, as well as high-school grades (and even us oldsters, too).” ~ reviewed by Mallory Heart Reviews (11/17/2012) [FIVE STARS]

ROSI’S CASTLE will capture the curiosity of the YA reader when an orphaned young teen is catapulted into the world of the bizarre and paranormal as she is sent away to live with an uncle in a small New England town. She settles in an eerie castle that holds dark secrets and magic deep within its walls. Unbeknownst to her, she discovers that she holds the magic key and learns the town’s secret to the never-ending paranormal events around every dark corner. Shades of the 1980’s thriller THE FOG came to mind. Rosi’s quick wit and sharp tongue surprisingly save her on many occasions. Rosi was left with a lot of responsibility here and a huge burden to bear. Edward Eaton is a master at setting the stage with great descriptive wording. I felt myself right there with Rosi as she discovers this charming but gloomy place. The plot is highly believable and I even found myself feeling sorry for the victims. I feel young teens who enjoy the paranormal will find this story very enticing. Eaton has included some well known interesting factual data on the paranormal and some bits of new age science terminology which strikes a cord of high interest. Each magical event held a different level of excitement. As an enthusiast myself and an author of this subject, I was engaged all throughout the story. As a veteran Reading Specialist I can tell you this was always the kind of genre my students craved!” ~ reviewed by Lorraine Carey for Readers Favorite [FIVE STARS]

“A real page turner! I loved ROSI’S CASTLE and how it all came together at the end. I couldn’t put it down and at times wanted to ‘peek’ at the ending just to see how it ended…but I refrained. Looking forward to the next one.” ~ reviewed by Johanna on Amazon [FIVE STARS]

“Though ROSI’S CASTLE is a young adult fantasy/paranormal book, it is rooted in fresh reality… All in all, a great beginning for a YA trilogy with sparkling and surprising insight into the mind of a teenage girl thrown into unusual circumstances.” ~ reviewed by Megan Henrich [FIVE STARS]

ROSI’S CASTLE is a very fast-paced, engaging book with a mystery to fuel the plot but whose 15-year-old heroine’s feelings and thoughts provide the substance.” ~ Amazon review [FIVE STARS]

ROSI’S CASTLE is a wonderful tale set in a New England background sure to captivate any reader. But being a local to the area I am biased and I love a good New England ghost story.” ~ Amazon review [FIVE STARS]

“Eaton has created a fascinating town filled with weird people. ROSI’S CASTLE is really an excellent book.” ~ reviewed by Atanas Mihalev [FIVE STARS]

ROSI’S CASTLE is a fun read full of mystery, adventure, and intrigue.” ~ reviewed by Mahesh Acharya [FIVE STARS]

ROSI’S CASTLE is an enjoyable young adult fantasy and a good start to what looks to be an interesting trilogy.” ~ reviewed by J.A. Beard [FOUR STARS]

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